Urinary Tract Infection

The most common reason for peeing blood is a urinary or bladder tract infection. You may scroll down or click here now for a quick herbal treatment that has been tested and approved, but you are highly encouraged to read more below to understand the topic.

The urinary system — includes the ureters, urethra, kidneys, and bladder — is responsible for removing waste from the body via the urine. The kidneys produce urine by filtering fluid and waste from the blood.

This condition is more common in females than in males because of how they are built, but can happen to both genders. Males with enlarged prostates are at a higher risk of getting the infection.


This infection occurs when bacteria (E. coli) enters the body through the urethra and starts to multiply in the bladder. These bacteria normally live around the anus and may travel to the urethra due to bad hygiene or during sexual intercourse. Many other different bacteria can cause an infection such as Chlamydia, Pseudomonas, Serratia, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Proteus, Neisseria spp., Mycoplasma, and Staphylococcus, but those are less common. Those bacteria can be easily cleared with the herbal medication listed below.


Blood in pee is a strong indicator of this condition. Other symptoms may include a persistent urge to pee, pain and burning with peeing, and extremely strong-smelling pee. For older adults, the only sign may be unclear and cloudy pee. More extreme infections may cause pain in the lower back and fever. This happens when the infection travels up the ureter and begins to spread to the kidneys.


Some of these types of infections can be eased by drinking herbal cranberry juice, which fights E. coli bacteria. However, this should never be your only remedy as the infection will spread if not treated immediately. Specialized herbal medications can do a much better job at clearing the infection, especially at its later stages.

Click below to view a natural treatment in this UTI Herbal Remedy that is guaranteed to work:

uti treatment

It is a quick non-prescription solution that has been reviewed and tested at our U. Penn laboratories to ensure quality. We discovered a 100% success rate within a few days with these herbal drops. Natural treatments avoid the involvement of doctors and prescription of antibiotics. This in place avoids recurrences of this condition in the future.

If the infection does not lessen within a few days, you can request your money back and visit a doctor. A urine test will determine if there is an infection and a doctor can prescribe antibiotics or suggest surgical procedures to clear it up. Those minor infections can turn into kidney infections if they are not properly taken care of.

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Best of luck and feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  1. I believed that cranberry juice alone will solve my case, but I was wrong. The additional remedies and diets in the program you suggested are great!

    More than likely this site site visitors will discover that very useful.

  2. thanks for the great post. it sums up my symptoms very well and provides a great alternative. i will go see a doctor though just to be sure after trying the ebook.

  3. thanks for sharing in the above information. the ebook looks like a good alternative and i trust in you that you believe it is going to work. otherwise i ask for money back guarantee offer.

  4. thanks to you.

    UTI Be Gone eBook gives great advice that really helped my daughter. i did not like though that it is too long to read i mean could have summarized.

    but overall thanks

  5. i was looking for such easy task from a long time it will help me in increasing my knowledge. thanks a lot.

  6. i wanted to thank you for this info!! i am definitely reading every little bit of it i have you bookmarked to check out the ebook later if my problem does not disappear on her own. thanks for all.

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  8. I’m peeing blood and it burns when I pee I’m drinking lots of water and hot lemon water but I CANNOT Goto a doctor it’s a long story but even if I’m dying I cannot Goto a doctor I have to treat the myself what do I do

  9. The day after I had sex I noticed it hurt when I went pee. This lasted all day long when I was at work. There is a burning sensation. I also was peeing blood. very uncomfortable. some times I feel like I have to pee and nothing happens.This has been going on for 3 days now. Cant really afford a doctor right now what can I do to treat this my self?

  10. I am 71 years old ,have not had sex for 10 years,the docter says every thing is normal, he has ordered a Cystoscopy but not for another month,I have worn a kotex for 4 months,today it is very red,but was not befor stomach ache,I am afraid of cancer,what can I do. Please I am frightened,help me if you can.

  11. I am in excruciating pain when I am urinating this has been the case for 4-5 days & since today I have developed other symptoms which are vomiting/Nausea, Tiny Bright Red Blood Clots/mucus & my urine has gone a pink/red in colour which appears at the end of urinating & everytime I feel the urge to urinate but at 1st nothing comes out apart from the b/red tiny blood clots/mucus then followed by anything from a few drops to max 15ml of urine which is pinky/red in colour and causing me severe pain across the centre of my back & stomach which has also only started today as well as the excruciating pain trying to pass urine….Please can someone give me some advice as I am worried as I already suffer from medical health problems with my heart, stomach etc….Thank You In advance as I cant afford to feel like this having 3 kids & 2 of which have special needs and need my full care & attention 🙁

  12. I’ve peed pure blood twice always after consuming some few bottles of alcohol. I’ve always had severe lower back pains and cramps but never painful or odourful urine. Please doc, look into my own special case.

  13. I started noticing chunks of blood passing through my pee; then at the very end, the rose-colored taint would come out at last few drips. Then other times I would pee pure blood the whole pee session, kinda scary, a half hour later no blood at all, pure, clear pee, don’t have insurance and don’t know what to do.

  14. My husband has blood in his Urine. Lots of blood and clots. No pain no nothing. Only when they checked his Prostate. He is on Antibiotics. Sees Dr, the 28th.
    No one seems concerned. Dr’s I mean. He is 80 yrs.

  15. After masturbating 1st time, I pissed all dark red blood, and before I pissed, I couldn’t pee, and when I did, a big chunk of blood, like a huge clot came first, then the blood, went to the “ER” doctor found nothing wrong.