Causes and Diagnosis

While peeing blood is not the most enjoyable topic to talk about, it is something that needs to be dealt with quickly, and may lead to serious issues. The medical term for blood in pee is hematuria. This occurs due to complications in the urinary system, which may include the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and/or urethra.

There Is Some Good News!

Usually, this problem is caused by minor infections that have very easy cures. Many people are too embarrassed to consult the doctor about this problem. The good news is that, you don’t have to, at all!

It is quite easy to treat this problem on your own in a matter of days. You first have to determine what condition you have. The two conditions below are the most common causes of urinating blood, occurring in 98% of the cases.

Click on the Condition that more closely matches your Symptoms:

Urinary Tract Infection Kidney Stones
Blood in Pee: Yes Yes
Burning and Pain while Peeing: Severe / Moderate Less / None
Pain in the Lower Back: Less / None Severe (Irregular and Cramping)
Common after Sex: Yes
Nausea and/or Vomiting: None Common
Fever and/or Chills: Possible Rare
Gender: More Common in Women Both Men and Women
Pee Odor: Stronger Regular
Increased Frequency and Urge to Pee: Yes Sometimes
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Note that NOT ALL of the symptoms above must be present for each condition, but the bolded ones are more common and are better indicators. If you cannot decide, check both information pages for treatment reviews and testimonials.

Other (less common) Causes for Peeing Blood

While Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and Kidney Stones are the most common reasons for blood in pee, the following conditions can cause that as well:

Injury – Only serious injuries would cause urinating blood so you would probably remember it. If your kidneys were severely injured from an accident or contact sports over the past week, this may be the cause. It shouldn’t cause for an alarm and will heal on its own, but if bleeding doesn’t stop in a few days, go see a doctor.

Cancer – Blood in pee may be a sign of bladder, kidney, or prostate cancer. This is more common for people over 50 years of age. Symptoms may vary and you are recommended to see a doctor.

Medications – Drugs that can cause noticeable urinary blood include penicillin, aspirin, the blood thinner heparin, and Cytoxan (the anti-cancer drug cyclophosphamide). Consult your doctor about how to proceed with those medications.
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  1. Love that you summarized the information about the two conditions. Really helped me diagnose my case without the involvement of a doctor! I no longer have blood in urine!

    I will for sure try the treatments you suggested and keep you updated!

    Great content. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is really fascinating, you are an exceptionally professional researcher.

    I was confused about the symptoms at first but I went with the back pain to be sure as I have kidney stones. UTI just does not seem to fit my case.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for the help in this question. I did not know it. Your natural treatment remedies seem good so far as I tried. Did ease my case by a ton!

  4. ok that really summarized my problems but my symptoms are mixed. i experience back pain but pain while peeing as well. please inquire

    • Well this peeing blood thing has happened to my brother, so I came on Internet to see what might be wrong with him. So we did…and he went to the doctors. The doctors said they would give him a cream that would help cure his peeing thing, and it worked after three days. IF ANYONE OF YOU HAS IT JUST CALL A DOCTOR, AND THEY WILL HELP YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Just don’t fear quickly.

  5. G’Day! doctor malone,
    This might be off topic, however, My brother is having a baby in a few months. His girlfriend called us up and tells us that the dr said the baby might have Down Syndrome…
    I want to know if in any way, could it be brought on by the way she takes care of herself? By smoking weed or drinking alcohol? Please help me with this one…
    BTW great info website

  6. Individuals home remedies are extremely handy and it solved my wellbeing peeing blood UTI and kidney infection related conditions and i only desire to share these with every person therefore you all very usually takes the make use of this.

  7. Hi everybody, here every doctor is sharing such know-how, so it’s good to read this website, and I used the native remedy medications and they were of great help.

  8. Dr. Malone,
    Thank you so much for your diligent research. You have helped me understand the possible causes of blood in the urine for males and females.

    Great Job!

  9. I have been peeing large amounts of blood. It looks like nothing but blood coming out with alot of large clots. I have seen 3 Drs for it and none can figure it out. I’ve had MRIs, CT scans, urine test, blood test, and a camera shoved in my little guy. But still these imcompitant idiots can’t figure it out.they just keep passing me around from Dr. I’ve giving up on it. They’ve got me to the point to where I find it pointless. And I don’t have the money for this anymore. I’ve had no injuries, take no meds ( I did take antibiotics and it did nothig), I don’t exercise, and its not food coloring my urine it is blood. I give up. If I die then I die. Oh well.

    • My dad has same. Doctor’s repeated long courses of antibiotics didnt cure, always returned. Ive put him on SOLIDAGO Goldenrod Extract herbal tincture for kidneys by Herb Pharm company. It has completely stopped it within 48hrs on full dose. I expect he may need to continue indefinitely. Dont be overly afraid to increase beyond dose short term, I used to have 60 drops per day for recurrent UTI like burning in penis, and need to pee especially at night (despite being only aged 30) until under control and finally cured without side effect. But obviously listen to ur body, everyone’s is different. Best wishes

    • For me it turned out to be bladder cancer. All is good though, just one surgery and it is gone. No chemo or anything. Cancer free now since January 2014.

  10. it’s my first time to experience blood in the urine and it’s so painful i haven’t seen a doctor yet. 2 days after no urine i though it went ok because according to some websites i read increase in water intake will help relieve it but i think it did not help because on 6th day there’s even a clot coming out and it’s so painful. Can this be a sign of a severe hematuria? I have already underwent gall stone laser operation. Thanks.

  11. Hello I really need HELP. My mom called me today from D.R. And told me that she pee blood. I am so worry and dont know what to do. She is 71 years old and she is on Coumadin medication. This is the first time that she ever experience that. I’m so nervous because my mom don’t listen to me and she doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Us this is BAD, she told me that she had a bladder infections couple months back. Please let me know what do you think. I’m just do stress.

  12. HI,

    I have a client who is urinating fairly hefty doses of blood. He is 50. He has seen a doctor, who I’m not sure is very competent… Upon looking into the interior walls of the bladder, the client was informed it looked like hamburger meat. The urine is bright red with black specks in it. I’m assuming the black specs are old blood which I take as an unfortunate manifestation. My guess is that it is cancer, though I am not qualified to make that call. The patient lives in Colorado. Do you have any idea what this could be if not cancer? Do you know of any good doctors in the Denver area who would work with someone who’s financial profile is not optimal in the face of this? The patient works in the coal industry.

    Any feedback would be appreciated in my search for the right care for this man. I am a practitioner of chinese medicine and this is way beyond my scope of practice.


    PS, his abdomen looks and feels like ascites. 🙁

  13. Hi,

    I was up all night a week ago, suffering the agony of a urinary tract infection. Everything about it was typical – burning pain, some blood on the toilet paper, frequency, etc. Around 3 in the morning, I decided to urinate in a Dixie Cup to test the urine with a Chem-Strip. Much to my shock, the cup was filled with pure blood. It wasn’t urine with blood in it – just pure blood. My Chem-Strips were old and expired so I never tested anything. I managed to sleep a few hours, and when I went to get the Dixie cup, I noticed the blood that had filled the cup seemed to have lesseneed in quantity and there was a ton of sedimentation in the bottom of the cup. Once I shook the cup, it looked exactly the same as it had looked when I first saw it at 3 am. I am wondering if it is possible that the sedimentation I saw indicated I may have been passing some really tiny stones (I do have gallstones but they have never bothered me at all.) I felt the doctor should have checked the pure blood to determine if perhaps I had passed stones. I had no flank pain, nausea or any of the symptoms that correlate with passing a kidney or gall bladder stone. But I have never had a UTI in which I urinated pure blood. I brought that blood sample with me to the doctor the next day (and my urine was yellow the next day and all symptoms of the UTI were gone.0 The doctor told me she did not want to look at my Dixie cup of blood and tossed it in their biomedical waste basket. I provided a urine sample – it was yellow – nob blood visible – and she said I had a moderate UTI. She prescribed Cipro and then 4 days later, they called and said the Culture & Sensitivity results revealed that Cipro wouldn ot work on the bacteria – enterococcus – so they switched me to Macrobid. Just wondering about the blood and sedimenation, especially since I felt fine the next day but did see the doctor who diagnosed a UTI.

  14. i am 25 five years old and i’ve been peeing blood for over 5 days but not continiously 2 days in a row then after a week i started again but what woories me more is that the pee come very dark not pinkish but as a very dark red and i dont know what to do.

  15. My name is anthony, im 27 and shattered my back back in 2004. Recently I been peeing large amounts of blood, its fresh and is severely painful. Its comes and goes but it seems to get worst everytime it c8mes back and now its to the point im urinating about a quater to a half cup of blood in the morning,. There are times I get very weak and super tired and it comes out of no where. My right arm will also lose all its strenght and I cant feel nothing but a sharp nerve pain thats shoots straight down. I m7ght be 27 but times I feel 90, I have a son thats needs me, can anyone help me with any idea?

  16. During my recent stressful moving situation, I had pain at the end of my urine stream. Today I noticed a pink tinge on the tissue indicating slight hematuria/possible UTI. Wondering how I can rectify the situation? I moved from Michigan to Florida and in with my boyfriend, hint hint, if that may be a possible cause

  17. Hello there! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for

  18. Hello, my name is Chris, and I have kidney failure. I haven’t been able to pee, AT ALL, because my kidney (I only have 1), has failed. Yet, I still do pee (clearish liquid that burns a little), and sometimes blood is in it (but not always, perhaps once every other day). Now, the kidney I have is a transplanted kidney since I lost mine when I was 9. I also have dialysis (no heparin though, I’m highly allergic), and take Aspirin (I believe high doses daily), to thin my blood so I don’t clot, since like I said I can’t have heparin haha.
    Can you tell me what could be the cause? Is it the aspirin? I’ve consulted my doctor, and she said since I don’t ALWAYS pee blood, that it could be the aspirin, and that I should take it less often, and I have just started only talking it before treatments. Will the sideeffect (if that’s what it is) go away??? Please answer asap 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time to read my plea!

  19. Hi! My wife has been taking tamoxifen for over three years now, she had breast cancer and after chemo the doctor prescribed her the medication. Anyways, because she is taking it her menstration has stopped but last night she started to notice blood in her pee. She claims it is not like her normal menstration she remembers but feels different. She doesn’t have any of the symtoms you noted for UTI or kidney stones but she is having heavy flow of blood now. Her medication is suppose to prevent her from having any periods, so what could this mean? Please help!

  20. Sorry sent with wrong email address. I wrote about my wife peeing blood but is not suppose to because of cancer medication (tamoxifen)!

  21. Hi I’m a 39 yo male I started pissing blood 4 weeks ago it was pure blood at end of stream. X ray showed something ct scan normal. Right side of chest always feels like a blown up balloon. Flanks always sore sharp pains in back and chest a few times a day. Very low energy, now black stool. Please help

  22. I have got to the doctor for lam peeing blood and having pain but my blood work and pee came back with nothing and even got a ct scan they just told me to go home and keep a eye on it and now the next night I have even more blood

  23. I really need some advice.
    My boyfriend is not fond of the doctors but I need to make sure if he needs to go in. He sometimes gets random pains in his penis. (Not while having intercourse, just at random times.) Also he’s been peeing more frequently lately and his pee is strong and sometimes along the inner bowl of the toilet there is a slightly reddish pee stain. I don’t think he knows that he makes that but I’ve asked him if he’s peed any blood and he’s told me no. Please help. I’ll make him go in if need be… I just worry about him. Thank you.

  24. i have been peeing blood for last 2 days went to dr yesterday. infection and stones don’t seem to match with me. I have been having hip and leg pain and weight loss tiredness now the peeing blood 🙁 Im waiting on a 2 week hospital referral to see the urologist. Wish me luck 🙂

  25. Hi I’m writing for my husband he just went pee and he Urinated blood, at first it was a brownish redish color but no pain at all. then a few minutes later he urinated again and it got darker by the third time he Urinated straight blood what could this mean!!!

  26. I am 18 year am urinary tract infection and am a virgin who never experience sex stuff,am having this symptoms,lik itching virginal,abnormal discharge,rashes and sometimes swelling Pls sir I need know what kind of drugs I will use…. I need quick attention here am confuse and scared abt it

  27. My brother went to a hospital for peeing cups of straight blood. Don’t trust these MDs here in Vermont, but hospital took blood & told him it’s an infection.. didn’t specify what kind of infection. I’ve been reading about the diagnosis & what may cure/help. He’s taking Antibiotics but still peeing blood. He’s 57 yrs old & has become a Dad for the very 1st time in December. I’m very WORRIED about what it may be. No pain at all… just bloody urine… please help me relax a bit. I’m beyond concerned. I have C.A.D. & this worrying just sets my anxiety on a minefield… desperately need advice. Thanks.

  28. Blood in my urine. Started now & then now it’s almost every time.
    My job is very physical & work in the heat.
    My sex life has increased because of my new found other half.
    Also am very tired, sluggish. My balls start hurting for no reason. My lower stomach has a dull pain at times too.
    When I urinate, the first part looks like pure dark red blood & the rest looks like dark tea. No odor but see clot like objects floating in the toilet.
    Don’t want to go to the Doctor in fear of the diagnosis.
    Can you please help me??

  29. Hello, I experienced frequent peeing and fullness of my lower abdomen last night which was annoying, and I couldn’t sleep. When I peed there is always blood but it wasn’t hurt at all, and there was no smell, then I decide to put a tampon in it, and finally, I fall asleep like I’m seating down. This morning I pee again and when I look at it was more blood and smells like blood too.

    P.S My period was finished 6 days ago, and then 4 days ago I had contact with my husband few times. I need your advice what it could be.

  30. My husband had gallbladder cancer surgery in about two weeks after the surgery he started peeing blood so just wondering what this could be.